Friedland Associates Scholarship

Friedland Associates, LLC, is pleased to announce the Friedland Associates Scholarship for the 2018-2019 school year. The scholarship is intended to provide recognition and a semester’s worth of financial assistance to talented, creative students. Current students interested in law are especially encouraged to apply.

Who is eligible:
All applicants must be enrolled in an accredited institution located within the US. Preference is given to individuals from the state of Florida or who received their undergraduate degrees from the state of Florida, but the winner is chosen based on quality.

How to Apply:
Scholarship applicants are asked to do the following:

  1. According to the Virginia Tech Transportation Institute, drivers that text behind the wheel is 23 times more likely to get into a “safety-critical event.” Are you guilty of texting while driving (TWD)? According to your local road safety laws and accident statistics, which laws should be amended or implicated to decrease TWD accidents? How do you promote safe driving in your peer group?
  2. Write a 700-word essay or record a 2-3 minute video in a Youtube-compatible format on the matter.
  3. Email your essay to Feel free to send any inquiries to the same email as well. If you chose to create a video, publish the video on your YouTube channel with the title “Friedman Associates Scholarship 2019.” Be sure to include your full name, age, gender (optional), and University/Prospective Institution in the email or video description. Regardless of the format you choose, your submission will not be considered if we cannot find your biographical information.

For more information please visit: