Stempel Research Scholarship

The Ernest Stempel Foundation provides support to selected charities and organizations that focus on education, the environment, medical research and the disadvantaged. FIU Stempel College of Public Health & Social Work is honored to distribute this award, which provides financial support to incoming students joining the Dietetics & Nutrition, Public Health, Social Work, or Disaster Management programs.

The Stempel Research scholarship provides new master’s students (beginning in fall 2021) with the opportunity to engage in a research project with a faculty member. Students will receive hands-on research experience working alongside a faculty member on a pre-determined topic or project for two consecutive semesters. Students can apply for a project in any discipline.

The recipient receives a one-time, non-renewable fixed scholarship in the amount of $3,400 (split evenly between fall and spring semester) that may be applied towards University tuition, fees, books and supplies, housing/living expenses and travel. The recipient will be selected based on specific criteria. Continuation of support from one semester to the next will be based on the student’s academic and research progress during the scholarship year. This is a one-time award, provided to the recipient in the first year of study in a master’s program.

Applicants must:
• Be a new/entering student
• Motivated to work on a research project with a faculty member
• Meet the minimum admission requirements for their respective master’s program and must have been fully admitted into the program at the time of the award (applicants can submit application while still working on the admissions process).
• Have a minimum of a 3.4 undergraduate GPA.
• Submit an essay, current resume, and recommendation from a professor
• Meet the qualifications for the identified project
• Submit the endorsement/approval from project leader (form provided by the faculty)

Recipients must:
• Be fully admitted to the master’s program, maintain full-time enrollment status, and good academic standing (3.0 or higher) throughout the term of the scholarship.
• Complete a FAFSA form with the Office of Financial Aid (if applicable; does not apply to international students).
• Work closely with the assigned faculty member on the pre-determined research project for the fall and spring semester
• Maintain regular communication with the assigned faculty member who monitors the student’s progress in the project.
• Maintain good academic standing and make sufficient progress on the assigned research project in order to keep the award
• Have satisfactory evaluation on mid-year progress report

Application Procedures
• Eligible applicants are asked to complete all portions of the application at:
• Applicants must review the call for research projects and send the faculty project leader(s) an email with their resume and brief statement of interest for working on the project and request a brief phone or in person meeting to discuss the opportunity.
• Applicants must obtain a preliminary approval in order to proceed with the application process (students may obtain approval for more than one research project; PDF list of projects and faculty contact information as well as the preliminary approval form is located under the supplemental questions section).
• Rank their project preferences (up to three but must rank at least two)
• Application will not be reviewed if the faculty preliminary approval form is not included (form provided by the faculty)
• Submit a typed personal statement (double spaced, two-page maximum) that will address the applicant’s:
1. Practice/research interests and goals for a career in the applicant’s academic discipline;
2. The chosen research project(s) of interest and why it is of interest to the applicant.
3. Any prior research experience, if any, conducted individually or as part of a team (not required);
4. Knowledge, skills and abilities that will contribute to the research project;
5. How the scholarship’s financial assistance will help the applicant fulfill his or her educational, personal and professional goals.

Faculty Recommendation Letter
The application must include a recommendation from a faculty member who is familiar with the applicant’s academic work. The applicant must send the request via Academic Works by entering the professor’s name and email. The faculty member’s responses must detail:
• The applicant’s academic performance, dependability, and consistency in completing course requirements and assignments.
• The applicant’s experience and potential to contribute to the research project;
• The relevance of the research project to the applicant’s background and future aspirations

Post-Acceptance Process
• Students must submit an appropriate photo to include with application. No selfies, please.
• Student must provide name of faculty advisor/mentor.
• Brief bio, notable achievements, etc.
• A letter to the donor that expresses how the project has helped the student both financially and academically.

For questions, please contact Irene Abad at

Stempel College of Public Health and Social Work
Supplemental Questions
  1. Have you applied or have you been fully admitted for a graduate program in Dietetics & Nutrition, Social Work, Public Health or Disaster Management for fall 2021?
  2. Please upload your personal statement (two pages max) addressing the following: 1. Practice/research interests and goals for a career in your academic discipline; 2. Your research project(s) of interest and why you are interested in them. 3. Any prior research experience conducted individually or as part of a team (prior research experience not required); 4. Knowledge, skills and abilities that will contribute to the research project; 5. How the scholarship’s financial assistance will help you fulfill your educational, personal and professional goals.
  3. Please enter the name and email of your faculty recommender.
  4. Please upload the Stempel Research Project Preliminary Approval form (please save all forms in one PDF document). Click here for PDF document.
  5. Please enter your first (1st) choice for 2021-2022 research project -- For more detailed information on each project please click here
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