The Prospanica SFL Honors College Award

Prospanica SFL is partnering with the Honors College at Florida International University (FIU) in developing a real-life case study for students at the FIU Honors College.


  • Currently attending Florida International University Honors College
  • Student pursuing a Business degree
  • Provide copy of an updated resume
  • Be a citizen of the United States, a U.S. lawful permanent resident or an international student with intention of receiving the F-1 visa to
    study in the United States

You are to select a local business, preferably predominantly Hispanic-owned or Hispanic-facing with whom to work with. Information about this firm is to be included in a cover letter/introduction to your case. Said information should contain the name, address, contact information, and contact person within the firm. Prospanica South Florida reserves the right to contact this business to confirm participation in the Case Competition.

Please make sure to read all the information provided in this case and develop recommendations for one of the following options:
Choose one of these 3 Focus Areas for your recommendation(s), given your choice of a local, preferably Hispanic firm, with whom to work:
1. Your firm wants to expand to another location within the next five years; make a recommendation on what makes a great location for this business and highlight some potential areas within the greater South Florida area.
2. Develop new Marketing Ideas to promote your firm’s services but not limited to: (social media, rewards, and online campaigns)
3. Creating a Management Structure for the Owner’s transition from Employee to Manager – for example, how would you recommend for the owner to stop doing the day-to-day activities and start leading a highly efficient team?
4. How do you recommend your firm transition more fully into the business environment caused by COVID-19?

Write your recommendations in a concise manner and no longer than one page.

Finalists will be asked to give final presentations to the Entrepreneur & Prospanica Board.
The following awards will be announced at a year-end celebration, hosted by Propanica, as follows:
1st place: $3,000
2nd place: $1,500
3rd Place: $500

For more information, contact or (305) 348- 0349.

Honors College
Supplemental Questions
  1. Case Study Recommendations Essay (Include a cover letter/introduction to your case).
  2. Please upload an updated resume.