FIU Online Corporate and Community Scholarship

FIU Online will award scholarships to new students in select online graduate programs who are current employees in participating organizations.

Eligibility Requirements:

  • Admission to an applicable online graduate program at FIU
  • Evidence of current employment at one of the participating organizations
  • Scholarship application must be submitted by the program application deadline
  • This application is for students starting their program Summer 2019

Note: Meeting any or all of the above requirements does not guarantee receipt of a scholarship. Scholarship amounts are subject to change. Award will be applied over multiple semesters in equal installments, and require continuous full-time enrollment and satisfactory academic performance in the program selected. Scholarships are non-transferable.

FIU Online
Supplemental Questions
  1. Please select your graduate program of interest:
  2. Company Information
    • Please provide name of individual for employment verification
    • Please provide the email of the individual for employment verification
    • Please provide the name of the company you work for
    • Please provide the phone number of the individual for employment verification