Professional MBA Online Performance Scholarship

As part of our commitment to the success of our students, the PMBA Online program proudly offers performance-based scholarships.

All students who are in good standing after the first 10 courses are guaranteed to receive scholarship funding, depending on the GPA at the time of the completion of their 10th course. The scholarship award will vary in amount depending on a student’s GPA after completion of the 10th course in the program, the number of students who qualify, and fund availability. This scholarship program serves to inspire and incentivize our students to commit to their studies and thus their resulting academic success will be rewarded with scholarship funding. Our unique performance-based scholarships reflect our dedication to our students.

This opportunity requires an updated resume to be reviewed and considered. Please upload your updated resume to your application. It should not be the same resume submitted with the program admission application.

The scholarship is only applicable to students admitted after October 2018.

Only students eligible to apply should submit an application at this time. Eligible students should be in good standing and on track to earn their 10th-course grade in the MBA program, currently enrolled in their 10th course. Eligible students will be invited to apply for the scholarship once their 10th course has begun and will receive an email to do so by a given deadline. Previous recipients of the scholarship and students that are not enrolled in their 10th course are ineligible.

Students transferring over more than six credits, either internally or externally, are not eligible for the scholarship.

Note that any scholarship awards will be posted to the semester in which the 10th-course grade was earned.

Supplemental Questions
  1. Please submit an updated resume with work experience, academic achievements, clubs/activities, community service, etc.
  2. By indicating my acceptance of these terms, I understand if awarded the PMBAO Performance Based Scholarship that the total scholarship amount will be applied by the end of the semester where the GPA requirement and 10th course grade has been met. In order to receive my award I acknowledge that: 1) I must enroll in the upcoming semesters 2) Maintain the required minimum 3.00 GPA 3) That I must have a valid aid eligible immigration/residency status to receive any institutional or program aid, such as U.S. Citizen, U.S. Permanent Resident, or another eligible visa status. 4) Federal student aid may be adjusted as a result of the posting of this scholarship. The Financial Aid Office will send a revised award letter should any adjustment take place.
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