Mattress Advisor Sleep Scholarships

If you look hard enough, you can find a scholarship for anything! In the sleep world, there are tons of scholarships offered for those with sleeping disorders or for those who have something important to say about our sleep.

These scholarships may be more relevant to you than you’d expect. Besides, as much as one-third of America is sleep deprived, so your chances are pretty high for experiencing some sleep-related disturbances that could qualify you for one of these scholarships.

You also may qualify for one or more of the scholarships featured in this guide if you’re interested in studying or pursuing a degree in sleep science, feel passionately about your dreams, or are dedicated to living a healthy lifestyle (which starts by improving your sleep quality).

Don’t sleep on this opportunity to help fund your education. Check out these scholarships and grants for both undergraduate and graduate students for the chance to be one step closer to pursuing your dreams.

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