MakeBeCool Scholarship Program

At MakeBeCool we are offering a scholarship program for college students, high school seniors and juniors who are interested in eCommerce.

In a nutshell, MakeBeCool is a team of e-commerce specialists. We aim to provide the best technical expertise, including domain knowledge. We have played a big role in building many stores that run on Shopify, which is exactly why we are considered as a leading service for all Shopify partners.

Because we are focused on the development of Shopify stores, the MakeBeCool program can be considered a Shopify scholarship. Winners of this scholarship will be able to work with us and develop their understanding and skills in creating and developing online stores in general.

How to apply
The MakeBeCool Scholarship Program is reaching out to various educational institutions in the USA to encourage potential candidates and college students who have a particular interest in digital design and want to apply for our scholarship program.

Individuals should fill an application form and create a PDF file on the specified topic:
How to build a system work to increase conversions in the online store?

To apply, you must:

  • Include a copy of your student ID or similar identification;
  • Attach your PDF presentation that tackles a particular problem that is based on the topic;
  • Write explanatory notes against all included content (approximately 1,000 words). The applicant should provide their opinion on how best to tackle the issues they are presented with.
  • Show creative ways of thinking to complete tasks or objectives.

Applicants are expected to complete an online application form as soon as possible. This is encouraged to ensure the application form contains the correct information before sending it to our team. Individuals should add the relevant data and contact details in order to be able to participate.

Who can apply?
This grant is for high school students and graduate students. In order to be considered, individuals should be students from one of the following types of institutions:

  • Universities,
  • Colleges, or
  • High schools.

MakeBeCool will accept applications from the following individuals:

  • Students who have recently graduated;
  • High School Seniors;
  • High School Juniors.

Additional requirements for this award include:

  • Students must be 18 years old;
  • They must be majoring in marketing in USA;
  • They must have an SAT Score of 1150 (27 ACT score standings to qualify);
  • They should be set to graduate college with a 3.5 GPA.

For more details and to apply, visit: