Public Health- Robert Walker Scholarship

The AIDS Help of Monroe County, Inc. (AHI) award is for Stempel College students who are enrolled full time in the Master of Public Health and who are interested in engaging in an AHI internship or practicum for one semester. The duties and responsibilities linked to the internship or practicum may be fulfilled remotely. The awardee must have access to technology (i.e., skype, etc) to meet and communicate regularly with the AHI project director.

The object, general purpose and nature of AIDS Help of Monroe County, Inc. (AHI) is to establish and maintain in Monroe County, Florida, a nonprofit HIV/AIDS agency that will provide case managed healthcare, food programs, counseling, housing, clinical, and other supportive and volunteer services; increase affordable housing by acquiring, developing, and maintaining low income housing for persons in need; and conduct health education and linkage to care.

AHI is a public health agency that practices within FIU Robert Stempel College of Public Health & Social Work’s core concentration areas: Health Promotion and Disease Prevention; Health Policy and Management; Biostatistics; Epidemiology; and Environmental Health Sciences. AHI is looking for an intern who embodies the agency’s core values of honesty, compassion, teamwork, sense of humor, empowerment, diversity, integrity, and fairness. We are most intrigued by a student who is interested in our line of work. This intern would be helpful in moving our agency forward through the many processes of development that are necessary in sustainability.

Details about the internship project for spring 2019 will be forthcoming.

Eligibility Criteria:
MPH student enrolled full time and in good standing
• Minimum 3.25 GPA
• Strongly preferred concentrations: Health Promotion and Disease Prevention or Health Policy and Management
• May apply as an intern or to fulfill MPH practicum requirements. For the latter, the student must be in touch with the Stempel College MPH Practicum Coordinator, Ms. Florence Greer.

Post-Acceptance Process:
• Students must submit an appropriate photo to include with application. No selfies, please.
• Brief bio, notable achievements, etc.
• Thank you note to the donor.

Stempel College of Public Health and Social Work
Supplemental Questions
  1. Are you a Master of Public Health student at Stempel College?
  2. Submit a three-page essay explaining your course of study and career goals, progress toward your degree, participation in college and/or University activities, and how the scholarship will help you meet your public health career goals. The essay must also clearly state that the applicant is willing to perform work related tasks associated with the practicum experience.
  3. Include a letter of support from a member of college’s faculty who is familiar with your academic career. The faculty member’s letter must detail your academic background, progress that you are making toward completing the degree, academic aptitude, and an evaluation of your ability to complete the tasks related to this experience.
  4. Please enter the name of a reference provider that can serve as a reference.