The Shofur National Scholarship

Shofur was founded on the principle of disrupting an industry that needed change. CEO Armir Harris’s experiences as an Albanian-born refugee inspired him to create an opportunity for the next generation of students to pursue the American dream. Shofur firmly believes in the importance of higher education, and Armir strives to pay his success forward by awarding the Shofur National Scholarship to one exceptional student.

How To Apply-
1) Create your video
a)Instead of an essay, create a video between 1-2½ minutes in length. In this video, explain who you are, your background, and how this scholarship could help you develop your skills
b)Once you are done, upload the video to Youtube or Vimeo and title it “My Shofur Scholarship Story”. Make sure to place our scholarship link in your video’s description so we can track it once you upload it! We encourage you to share it via social media.
Scholarship link:

2) Fill out the application form
a)Fill out each field appropriately. Be sure you’ve contacted your recommending mentor before submitting the application since they will be contacted for verification.
b)In the form attach any files that you may want us to review such as a script of your video, awards, or a common scholarship essay.
c)Submit the form
3) Send in your most recent OFFICIAL transcript
a) Transcripts must be submitted separately via mail; they should be postmarked by November 30th and mailed to:

Attn: Scholarship
3525 Piedmont NE
Suite #210
Building 5
Atlanta, GA

For more information and to apply, visit: