Internet Marketing Scholarship

At, our mission is to help individuals find opportunities to earn a paycheck in unconventional ways. Through our Internet Marketing Scholarship Program, we hope to inspire students to be innovative and look for ways to express their creativity in business using modern technology.

We envision the ideal recipient of our scholarship​ to be someone who embodies innovation in business and loves to use technology to express their ideas. If that describes you and you meet the following criteria, you are eligible and you should apply!

If you meet the following requirements, you are eligible to apply…

  • Must be enrolled in a university OR can provide an acceptance letter from the university you plan to attend
  • Must be majoring or minoring (or have plans to) in Marketing, Advertising, Business, or other related field.

How to apply-
Write an innovative essay (minimum 800 words) on one of the following topics:
novative Small Business Ideas For Men
- 10 Reasons Why Small Business Health Insurance Is Worth Every Penny
- 10 Reasons Why Small Business Health Insurance Is A Waste Of Money
- Business Attire Suggestions For Your First Interview
- Where To Find Legitimate Student Loan Forgiveness Programs
Fill out our online application (below) and be sure to include your innovative essay.- 7 Innovative Small Business Ideas For Women

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