CASE Dean’s Distinguished Doctoral Fellowship: School of Education and Human Development

The College of Arts, Sciences, and Education Dean’s Distinguished Doctoral Fellowship (DDDF) program provides 2-years of support for selected fellows. The College recognizes that academic excellence at the undergraduate level is not the only indication of a potentially successful graduate student. Thus, experiences that demonstrate characteristics of resilience, self-awareness, creativity, perseverance in achieving goals, and leadership will be considered during the evaluation process. Applicants will also be evaluated on their ability and desire to collaborate in a diverse and inclusive working environment.

Two fellows will be selected from among the following doctoral programs (if the applicant is not applying for admission in one of the programs listed, the application will not be considered):

  • PhD in Psychology (all subplans except Cognitive Neuroscience)
  • PhD in Teaching and Learning
  • PhD in Higher Education

The fellowship will provide a stipend of $31,000/year, and a full-time tuition waiver (9 credits in fall and spring terms, 6 credits in the summer), and up to $1,000/year in research and travel support.

Application Requirements

  • Applicants must be NEW to their graduate program in the Fall 2023 term.
  • Transcripts from previous academic institutions must be present in the application materials submitted for the desired graduate program.
  • Completed online questionnaire. See Supplemental Questions below.
  • Provide the name and contact information for one professor or research advisor from a previous or current academic institution to provide a recommendation letter that will attest to the applicant’s qualities as sought by this fellowship program.
  • Evidence of prior fellowships, honors, or awards. Copies of award letters will suffice as acceptable evidence.

Fellowship Requirements
All fellows must meet admissions requirements of the graduate program to which they are applying. It is expected that research interests of the fellow will be in line with the needs and expertise of that program.
Fellows will be required to attend various workshops selected from topics such as career development, mentorship, effective teaching techniques, and writing. A workshop on writing fellowship applications will enhance the fellow’s chances of continued support through other fellowship programs.
Additional requirements include

  • a 3.00 GPA in all semesters of the fellowship.
  • remaining in good standing with regards to academic integrity.
  • maintaining a healthy, collegial working relationship with faculty and other students.

College of Arts, Sciences, and Education
Supplemental Questions
  1. Provide a statement of your research or artistic interest as it pertains to the graduate program to which you have applied. (Maximum of 500 words)
  2. List past research or artistic experience. This may include independent study, honor’s theses, paid or unpaid research at your home institution or as an REU student, conference presentations, publications, and journal clubs. We recognize that not all applicants will have the same access to scholarly opportunities. What have you actively done to increase your scholarly experience, knowledge, and skills? (Maximum of 300 words)
  3. FIU values its diverse student body. This diversity takes the form of a wide range of social identities (e.g., racial, ethnic, gender, socioeconomic). How will you contribute to a diverse community built on collaboration, innovation, creativity, and belonging? Describe your commitment to building an inclusive environment and to ongoing personal development related to diversity, equity, and inclusion. (Maximum of 500 words)
  4. Discuss your leadership experience and your ability to work both independently and collaboratively. (Maximum of 300 words)
  5. Completing your graduate degree requires a long-term commitment and you will face many obstacles that will test your resilience and ability to adapt to new situations. You are likely to encounter obstacles that test your strengths and expose your weaknesses. In light of these statements, describe how your abilities and prior experiences will help you successfully navigate graduate school. Provide examples from your own past. These may be either in an academic setting or in your personal life. (Maximun of 500 words)
  6. Tell us about your creative ability. This may be in the form of creative problem solving, development of novel research methods or artistic techniques. (Limit to 300 words)
  7. Please upload an updated resume.
  8. Upload a copy of your unofficial transcript.
  9. Please request a letter of reference.
  10. Please include any documentation you feel is relevant to support your application. Examples may include first pages of publications or presentations, notification letters for scholarships, etc. Upload as a single combined PDF file.
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