Peacock Foundation, Inc. Scholarship

The Herbert Wertheim College of Medicine Scholarship Program is pleased to offer the Peacock Foundation, Inc. Scholarship. The funds for these awards are made possible by the magnanimity of the Peacock Foundation, Inc., and the result of a grant initiative spearheaded by the HWCOM Development team in conjunction with the Office of Student Affairs. As the third Most Diverse Medical School among all U.S. medical schools (2021 U.S. News and World Report), the HWCOM consistently enrolls a high percentage of minority students that are traditionally underrepresented in medicine. Scholarships support the educational needs of our students, help make strides in easing their financial burden, and ensure that we are impacting our community’s healthcare needs. By providing an environment enhanced by diversity, clinical innovation and research, the HWCOM prepares socially accountable, community-based physicians, scientists, and health professionals who are uniquely qualified to transform the health of patients and communities.

• Applicants must have an interest in matching into primary care.
• Applicants must be currently enrolled fourth-year medical students.
• Applicants must be in good academic and professional standing.
• Applicants cannot be current recipients of a full-tuition scholarship.
• Applicants must be federal student loan borrowers.
• Demonstrated financial need is required to be a recipient of this award.

Supplemental Questions
  1. Describe your most laudable academic accomplishments, achievements, and any unique recognition awarded to you based on your academic or research performances.
  2. Describe any special circumstances or obligations you have that might demonstrate financial need.
  3. Describe what makes you the best candidate for this award.