Undergraduate Ronald E. McNair Post Baccalaureate Achievement Program

Undergraduate Ronald E. McNair Post Baccalaureate Achievement Program

The McNair Scholars Program is a Federal TRIO program designed to prepare first-generation undergraduate students for doctoral studies. The Program supports students from historically underrepresented groups who have a documented financial need and major in Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics, or Psychology. McNair Scholars engage in courses, seminars, and workshops related to graduate school preparation and professional development. Scholars are also compensated as they conduct summer research under the guidance of a faculty mentor. Students then have the opportunity to present their research at local, regional, or national conferences. The McNair Program staff works closely with students as they complete their undergraduate requirements and graduate school applications.

Eligibility Criteria

Applicants qualify to apply to the McNair Program if they

  • Intend to pursue a Ph.D. (professional degrees such as an MD, JD, MBA, PharmD, etc. are not eligible)
  • Are US citizen or US permanent resident
  • Are rising juniors or rising seniors by Summer 2022 term and have completed a minimum 60 credits of undergraduate courses by the time of the start of their Summer Research Project/Internship.
  • Major in a Science, Technology, Engineering, Psychology, or Math (STEM) degree program. STEM Minors considered with STEM-based research.
  • Have a minimum cumulative grade point average of 3.0 (on a 4.00 scale)
  • Be either low income* (based on family size and taxable income) and first-generation college students (neither parent or legal guardian has a Bachelor’s degree)
    a member of a group traditionally under-represented in higher education (e.g., Black/African- American, Latinx/Hispanic, Native American, Pacific Islander, or student with a disability).

*To find out the low-income guidelines established by the Department of Education go to: http://www2.ed.gov/about/offices/list/ope/trio/incomelevels.html

Program Benefits

  • A summer stipend for Research Project/Internship
  • Opportunity to conduct research under the supervision of FIU Faculty mentor or at an external REU
  • Funding for materials and supplies for research project/ internship (where applicable)
  • Travel funding to McNair and discipline-specific conferences across the country
  • Academic, personal, and career counseling
  • Graduate school preparatory workshops and seminars
  • Free GRE preparation
  • GRE Fee Waiver (where applicable)
  • Graduate School Application Fee Waivers (where applicable)

Application Requirements:


  • Brief essay (1000 words or less) describing your interest in becoming a McNair Fellow and how it will assist you with the goal of obtaining a PhD.
  • Research abstract (150 word max) describing the objectives and the hypothesized outcomes of the proposed study. Please include the title and the name of your faculty advisor/mentor (if available)
  • A copy of unofficial transcripts from Florida International University and other schools attended
  • A copy of your Free Application for Student Aid (FASFA)
  • A copy of your parent’s income tax return, if applicable
  • A copy of your income tax return, if applicable
  • Complete response to supplemental questions in AcademicWorks
  • Two letters of Recommendation from faculty submitted in the AcademicWorks system. Recommendation Request for the McNair Program will only go out to your recommender once you fully submit your application.

Priority will be given to early applicants

McNair Program
Supplemental Questions
  1. Identity
    • How would you describe your Ethnic Background?
    • How would you describe your race?
    • Please list your pronouns
  2. Undergraduate Education
    • Have you recieved a bachelors degree?
    • If yes, are you pursuing a second undergraduate major?
    • What is your expected graduation date? ( Month, Year)
  3. Graduate Studies
    • If you intend to apply to graduate school, what is your expected date of matriculation? (Month, Year)
    • What is your proposed field of graduate study?
  4. Upload a brief essay (1000 words or less) that includes: your motivation for becoming a McNair Fellow and why you should be selected, your academic and career interests, how will becoming a McNair fellow assist you with your goals, why you think obtaining a Ph.D. is essential to your interest and what you hope to contribute to society by obtaining a Ph.D. (All documents should be submitted as PDF)
  5. Upload an Abstract. Make sure to state your research topic, the name of your faculty advisor/mentor, and a research abstract. Be sure to include the objectives of the study and the hypothesized outcomes of the study in your abstract. (150 word max) (All documents should be submitted as PDF)
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