UWS The Hundred Club of Broward County Scholarship

Established by the The Hundred Club of Broward County, this scholarship supports dependents of Broward County Law Enforcement Officers, Firefighters, Peace Officers and U.S. Veterans killed in the line of duty.

Eligibility Requirements
1. Dependent, spouse, child of a Broward County Law Enforcement Officer, Firefighter or Peace Maker or a dependent, spouse, child of a U.S. Veteran killed in the line of duty.
2. 2.0 GPA
3. Full-time enrollment (12 credits) during term of disbursement.
Award is for the 2021-2022 academic year.

Questions- please e-mail scholarships@fiu.edu or call 305-348-0349.

Supplemental Questions
  1. Student Status
  2. Qualifying Agency
  3. Please upload documentation verifying officer’s disability or death (agency letter or copy of dated obituary notice), or verification of current employment (position and dates) from agency human resources office, generally in the form of a letter on agency letterhead. Documentation is required to be considered.
  4. I understand that if I have purposefully given false information on this application, I will not be eligible for scholarship consideration. Furthermore, if I receive a scholarship and it is subsequently determined that I have purposefully given false information in order to receive a scholarship, I agree to repay the scholarship monies I have received. I also understand that the number of scholarships awarded varies per year based on available funding and that application is no guarantee of a scholarship award.